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Outsourcing is not new in IT services. From full-scale product development to small connector components, and from complex web portals to training materials, you may decide to outsource any component of your business to leverage:

   -   Lower costs
   -   Low overhead of hiring/ staffing IT resources
   -   More time and resource to focus on core business
   -   Contractually binding services
   -   Reducing time to market
   -   Tax benefits

While quality risks, communication (language skills), cultural differences and quality of service have been the most heavily criticized aspects of outsourcing, Xpasoft takes special care to address exactly these soft-spots.

Xpasoft specializes in TWO different outsourcing models.

Off shoring

Xpasoft’s affiliated company, located in India, has an offshore centre of excellence which has already put together multiple projects of various size and scale. Significant among these projects have been a 100+ person-year initiative by a Canadian customer.

Through its alliance with the associated companies, Xpasoft has a vast array of resources available at our offshore development facility - ready to be deployed to assist our clients at short notice and at very competitive rates.

Xpasoft can significantly reduce the development costs associated with labor by drawing on this extensive and experienced resource base. Along with our project managers in US & Canada and the affiliated company in the USA, Xpasoft is able to effectively manage and utilize a credible and reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. Our offshore project team can seamlessly integrate with the client team to ensure that the client feels in control of the project at all times (C-i-C: Client-in-Control model).

Near Shoring

Not everybody outsources to a country with a considerable time-zone difference and prefers to compromise on the cost advantage in favour of proximity and time-overlap. Near shoring is the answer in such cases.

Xpasoft’s location in the heart of the west coast of Canada makes it an extremely lucrative near shore destination. While Vancouver is one of the most culturally diverse and cosmopolitan city in the Pacific Northwest, it also boasts of a very high availability of skilled IT resources; Canada is one of the largest providers of export services to the USA. It is America's single largest trading partner (approximately $700 billion) and the largest export market for 39 US states making it the largest foreign contributor to the US economy.

Not surprisingly then, that the following advantages can benefit our clients:

  • Cost advantage compared to USA
  • Same time-zones and hence faster communication and response
  • High availability of skilled IT resources with low attrition rates
  • Cultural similarity with the USA
  • English speaking country
  • Familiar with the American business culture
  • NAFTA Partner and hence no trade barriers
  • Excellent communication infrastructure between USA and Canada
  • Intellectual Property Protection, Copyright and Privacy Law enforcements

Please contact us if you have any further questions on how Xpasoft can help address your outsourcing needs.

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