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Our People

Xpasoft and its affiliated companies in USA and Canada currently have a total active base of 200 employees and subcontractors. We provide below, some key employee statistics based on various categories

Professional Experience

This chart shows the distribution of Xpasoft’s total employee strength distributed over professional experience in IT, in years

Over 40% of Xpasoft staff has 10+ years of IT experience

Cúram Experience

This chart provides a breakdown of our employees in terms of their total years of experience in Cúram technology

Average staff experience of 4.3+ years in Cúram technology

Highest Qualification

This chart shows the distribution of all Xpasoft employees and subcontractors based on their highest qualification

Over 95% of our employees have University education

Business Domains

Xpasoft’s niche is the Social and Human Services domain, but we also have a very strong employee base in other verticals like Insurance and Finance

Almost 50% of Xpasoft employee base has experience in Social Enterprise Management

Professional Certifications

A large percentage of Xpasoft staff is trained and certified in Curam technology as well as other areas like Java/ J2EE

Over 65% of Xpasoft staff are certified in Cúram and Java/J2EE
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