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On Site Service Model

Xpasoft has a vast array of skilled resources who can be deployed to the client sites at short notice and at very competitive rates. We can also further reduce the development costs associated with labor by drawing on a high skilled resource base at our affiliated companies’ facility in India. Most of Xpasoft’s consultants are experienced in multiple North American projects and have will have previous exposure the business processes and work culture, leading to quick acclimatization at the client site and producing results from get-go.

Hybrid Development Model

When fast-turnaround is needed for a project, Xpasoft can offer the combination of both onsite and offshore capabilities through our affiliated companies in the USA and India. By providing 24X7 development services to our clients, Xpasoft will be able to provide the necessary rapid response needed to complete a project and at the same time reduce production costs through the utilization of offshore facilities.

Fixed Cost Development Model

If you have well-defined requirements, we can offer you a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the uncertainties of development cost and helps in planning your project budget in advance. This is best suited for clients with complete project specifications in place. If you do not already have well defined requirements, we can first develop your requirements on a Time and Material basis and then, provide you with a Fixed Cost solution.

Right to Hire Model

Xpasoft offers the service of setting up a team of experienced project managers and developers to initially develop a system and then offering the client the option of hiring them on a full-time basis. While Xpasoft incurs the risk, the client has the benefit of an experienced technical team as well as saving the costs associated with project handovers.

Consulting Service Model

Xpasoft is also able to draw upon and utilize the support of it vast array of resources in Canada, USA and India, in order to offer consulting services that may suit our clients' needs. This consultation service model helps to address short term and extremely specialized expectations.

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